Women & Child Welfare Society has been appointed as External Faculty to conduct the different activities on petroleum conservation and Renewable Energy through Youth Programme, Domestic Workshop Agricultural Workshop & Kishan Mela by the Petroleum Conservation Research Association, Eastern Region, Kolkata under the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Govt.of India, New Delhi. This year our organization organized 12 nos. Youth Programme, Domestic Workshop 8 nos., Agricultural Workshop 9 nos. and Kishan Mela 2 different places of Cuttack, Kendrapada, Khurda and Mayurbhanj districts.

Youth Programme

Our organization Women & Child Welfare Society organized 12 nos. Youth Programmes in collaboration with Petroleum Conservation Research Association, Kolkatta at different places like- Orissa Govt. Press Colony High School, Cuttack, Hadibandhu Ucha Bidyapitha, Cuttack, Budhi Mangala Bidya Pitha, Cuttack, Maa!Tareni Bidyapitha, Maniabandha High School, Maniabandha Girls High School, CRRI High School, Sundargram High School, Bindhanima High School, Jagatpur High School, Nigamananda Girls High School and Dhabaleswar Bidyapitha by conducting competitions on Essay, Debate, Poster & Quiz Competition. The Winners of these competition were felicitated with Prizes & Certificates. The main objective of the said programme was to strengthen the youths in the society on conservation of Petrol, Diesel and petroleum product etc. in daily life with Film show.

Domestic Workshops

The Women & Child Welfare Society organized 8 nos. of Domestic Workshops with Film Show in collaboration with Petroleum Conservation Research Association, Eastern Region, Kolkata. To create awareness among women & girls on conservation of LPG Gas, Kerosene etc. .at Jay Hanuman Self Help Group, Tanlasahi, Cuttack, Mahila Milana Self Help Group, Rausapatna, Cuttack, Maa! Mangala Self Help Group, Mundasahi, Tangi, Kailash Mandap, Cuttack, Centre for Youth and Social Awareness, Banra, Banki, Mahaveer Self Help Group, Sagadiasahi, Cuttack, Trinath Self Help Group, Choudwar and Achyutananda Weavers Cooperative Society, Nemala.

Agricultural Workshops

Women & Child Welfare Society organized 9 nos. of Agricultural Workshops in different places of Cuttack, Khurda, Kendrapada and Mayurbhanj districts to create awareness on Petroleum Conservation in Agriculture sector. Workshops were held at Pallivikash Yuba Parisad, Jamna, Tangi, Dist-Cuttack, Mother & Child Development Centre, Bhauria, Mahanga, Cuttack, Garadpur Youth Club, Garadpur, Kendrapada, Marsaghai Farmers Club, Marsaghai, Kendrapada, Yuba Samukhya, Raisunguda, Cuttack, Mahalaxmi Weavers Cooperative Society Ltd. Kulasamitanga, Cuttack, Achyutananda Weavers Cooperative Society, Nemala, Cuttack Bisol Youth Club, Sanbisol, Mayurbhanj and Maa! Gouri Harijan Weavers Cooperative Society, Kakarudrapur, Khurda.

Kishan Mela

Women & Child Welfare Society, organized 2 nos. of Kishan Mela to create awareness on Petroleum Conservation and discussed on Conservation of petrol, diesel use of branded ISI Mark Machineries, Tips to save diesel in tractor, lift irrigation, pumps, maintenance of tractor, pump, good farming habits etc. Exhibition on Agriculture products was also arranged and the best farmers wre rewarded with prizes and certificates from 7th March to 9th March, 2010 at Kandarpur Farmers Service Cooperative Society Ltd. Kandarpur, Dist-Cuttack and from 27th March to 29th March,2010 at Achyutananda Laudi Academy of Research and Training Office premises, At/Po-Sahukheta, Totapada, Cuttack.